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John Kahn builds everything but websites.

He is a multitalented artist, sculptor, performer, and a designer of theatrical sets, costumes, and architecture. Kahn’s sculptures and artwork have been shown in several exhibitions nationally and abroad in galleries and museums, such as the Neuberger Museum, Strong Museum, Alan Brown Gallery, Allan Stone (NY), the Webb and Parsons Gallery, Bruce Museum (Conn.), and the Sebastian Englert Museum (Easter Island, Chile).  Some of his sculptures are part of the permanent collection of Texaco, PepsiCo, IBM, Disney Corporate, General Foods, American Can Corp., Vogue Magazine, and Dancer Fitzgerald Sample Corp.

   Kahn has worked and performed with renowned figures such as puppeteer Jim Henson, director Julie Taymor, Woodstock festival producer Michael Lang, father of New Age music Paul Winter, and performers Bill Irwin, Phillipe Petit, Michael Moschen, Bob Berky, and Fred Garbo. He has also collaborated with Jim Henson on the Fraggle Rock TV Show.  In 1984, along with Niki Swarthout, he created and performed in the Runaway Circus, which ran for ten years and appeared in a variety of events, including the Eco Village for the Woodstock 94 festival.

    Kahn’s works incorporate a wide range of materials, such as stone, steel, glass, ceramics, cast aluminum, and fabrics.  His sculptures are inspired mainly by nature and celebrate all of man's accomplishments, both technologically and industrially. His passion for craftsmanship and architectural design led to the integration of innovative building and sculpting techniques, which he implemented in several commissioned projects as well as his studio and living spaces: The School House, a renovation project developed along with Jim Henson; The Tower House, a one-man enterprise, combining radically new architectural features (both in Saugerties, NY); and The Earth House, a unique architectural expression, resulting from the experimentation with environmental elements, such as colored earth and bamboo, but also with aluminum cans, and other recycled materials (Easter Island, Chile).


    In 1996, Kahn moved to Easter Island, where he started the Echo Foundation, an entity working toward the preservation of the Rapa Nui language, the inclusion of the Rapa Nui elders, and the development of a collective with local artists, craftsmen, and writers.  Additionally, he curated an exhibition at La Moneda Museum in Santiago, Chile.  In addition to several educational and cultural activities, the foundation created "Naz y Rongo," a series of educational magazines along with a radio program hosted by educator Annette Rapu. Currently, he is working on “Rapa Nui” an opera incorporating many of the legends from the island as well as his observations as an ex-pat artist.

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