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The Schoolhouse - Saugerties, NY

    The school served for many years as Kahn's living space and creative factory.  Developed in partnership with Jim Henson, the schoolhouse is somewhat of a destination in Saugerties if only to drive around the outer borders of this historic old brick house. 


      The Tower House - Saugerties, NY

    The  five storey  cylindrical structure is an architectural wonder and an expression of Kahn's close relationship with nature and the environment.  Inspired by the local palette of  Hudson Valley's woods, blue stone, and natural quarries, this one-man project features unique woodworking design details of highly skilled craftsmanship and unparalleled creativity.


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  The Earth House  - Easter Island,                         Chile

     Eventually, Kahn's architectural expressions would evolve as well on Rapa Nui.  The Earth house is a conical structure which, upon completion, will be covered blending it with the landscape. Hardy plants and flowers will cover all but a spiral path leading to a look out balcony perched twenty-two feet in the air and facing the sacred craters Rano Raraku and Poike. 


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