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Commercial Projects

Fraggle Rock Promotional Characters 

   Kahn collaborated with puppeteer Jim Henson  in the promotion of his new television series Fraggle Rock.  To promote the show, Henson created "The Radish Jam and Cartwheel Society," a group of traveling minstrel acrobats.  Kahn, along with five talented performers, choreographed a one minute high energy performance set to the television theme show music. Its first presentation was for the Macy's parade and was followed by several performances in hospitals, shopping malls, and venues throughout the country, such as the Orange Bowl. 

Clothesline ad for Miller Genuine Draft Beer

    The animation of the shirt and skirt on a clothesline was accomplished by flying these two characters with various "air wands."  Kahn developed these tools and rehearsed the techniques with ten puppeteers in his workshop. The commercial was filmed at Sandbank studios and aired repeatedly for over a year, and then sold to the international market.

     Blown Away by Tripping Daisies

   MTV music video for the band Tripping Daisies.  The song is about gun control. Kahn created all the sets, and props in miniature, factoring in all the standard complications of time-lapse.


 The World's Largest Skateboard

    The Town of Saugerties needed a concrete skate park. Kahn’s fascination with scale inspired him to build a gigantic skateboard scaled up 25 times. The board is thirty-three feet long and fully articulating. It appeared in many parades and events, and for a while was, according to Guinness, the world’s largest skateboard. The skateboard was a huge fundraising tool, resulting in the only concrete skatepark between Manhattan and Albany, and it is attended by hundreds of skate fans each year.


    Eco Village - Woodstock 1994

    Kahn developed the thematic show based on climate issues using the Runaway Circus' cast, composed of adults and children. The performance was accompanied by large scale cold air inflatable figures and helium balloon structures.

Kuini Analola sailing ship

    In 2018, Kahn collaborated with the Rapa Nui people on a new construction of a one-third scale replica of the vessel sailed to Easter Island by the legendary King Hotu Matua. Kahn developed and engineered many of the details of this catamaran, along with its color theme. This now famous ship star navigated from the South of Chile to Easter island for seventeen days with a crew of ten Rapa Nui. The ship is named after Mama Lola Tuki Chavez, the matriarch of the Rapu clan.  Its name is Kuini Ana Lola.

             Epcot Center's  "Traveling Message Handrail"


    Kahn was hired to consult and execute “the traveling message handrail" for Disney's Epcot  Center in Lake Buenavista, FL. The handrail was designed in Canada and promoted all manner of environmental issues, both in text and images.

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