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      Kahn has always been interested in the excellence of craft, skill, and design, endlessly pursuing the always evasive excellence of execution.   Recognizing that there is the art of words and the art of diligence and challenge, he prefers not to talk about his work. He argues that "if a two-dimensional picture is worth a thousand words, one of my sculptures should provoke volumes of comments. After my work is complete, I have nothing more to say, my sincerity remains in the creative process." 


 Park Sculptures

image (6)_edited.jpg
 Chain  Monolith
Eggbeater (9 ft.)
 Wing Bench

Amerikahna Series

  In college, while studying fine woodworking and joinery, along with wood species, Kahn selected classic objects, such as corkscrews, scissors, egg beaters, etc., and enlarged them. The sculptures were mechanical and their components moved like real objects, adding another challenge to the construction and design. This  became the Amerikahna Series. There were twenty-five pieces in total, and some of the most popular items were later reproduced in limited editions.

  Tower Mobile 
Corkscrew (3 ft.)

    While Kahn had conceived the idea of a large Scrabble board in college, but magnets strong enough to function sandwiched between birch plywood were still unavailable. In 1992, long after college, he came across rare earth magnets and immediately started pursuing a limited edition of nine Homage to Scrabble. The boards were presented by Hammacher Schlemmer and sold within ten months. Some of the buyers were Facebook and Google, and the last one was sold to the Strong Museum recognizing the sculpture as a piece of Pop Art. For fun, watch the Scabble Rascals video.

String Figures


   Inspired by the Rano Raraku quarry -where 800 of the almost one thousand Moai statues on the island still lay trapped in the volcanic tuft- and by the herds of wild horses that roam the entire island, in his dreams, Kahn envisioned  these series of slender elongated large-scale statues with various configurations of body compositions. In an interview, Philippe Petit -the renowned high-wire artist- was the first one to  describe Kahn's sculptures as "string figures."

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