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Circus / Performance

   Circus has been in Kahn’s life since childhood.  At an early age, he learned to ride a unicycle and, by the age of nine, he was performing in his own backyard circus. In college, Kahn joined the circus program, where he learned a myriad of circus techniques from  veteran performers.  His first gig was at the Great Adventure amusement park, transforming from art student to Dusty the clown, and entertaining all the park guests. Later on, he was upgraded to the tall man on stilts who welcomed the park visitors.

    In the 80s, Kahn started designing props for the newly created Big Apple Circus, additionally gaining a reputation for the sets and props developed for New Vaudevillians, Bob Berky, Michael Moschen, Bill Irwin, Fred Garbo, Jessica Hentoff, and Karen Gersh.  On many occasions, he would do street performances from coast to coast as well as Old Montreal,   where he would perform along with Guy Laliberté, one of the founders of the renowned  Cirque du Soleil. 

  In 1993, Kahn created the Runaway Circus.   The performers were his wife Niki Swarthout as Tucker, and his sons Jules and Jasper as Max and Spike, while Kahn was, once again, Dusty. Together they were the Rumplebumper family.   They did local performances  in the town of Saugerties, NY, including the 1994 Woodstock festival.

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